Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) - Data Engineer

ICBC is a provincial crown corp that provides insurance for BC drivers. I have learned an awesome amount at this company, from agile development to code deployment, from working in a team of data engineers and quality analysts to working with a distributed storage system. In this role, I experienced how a large-scale company takes a data pipeline from a data source to its fruition.

So far, I have built 5 data pipelines that ingested up to 6B records of transactional data from multiple sources and created summary tables for a customer within ICBC. I have developed data transformation pipelines using TDD with Scala and Spark in Hadoop ecosystem, and used tools including Apache Hive, DBeaver, and RDBMS (Oracle and MySQL) to analyze data and support ad hoc requests.


ZLC Financial - Data Analyst

In this contract position, I migrated financial data to a new CRM system to enhance customer service and improve client relations for over 20 financial advisors by extracting, auditing, and consolidating their client data. I was able to expedite the migration process by a month by implementing a new pipeline to audit large datasets by automating data integrity review process.

As a data analyst, I want to work with different types of data, and financial data was on top of my list. This position helped me understand financial data closely.

Lakehead University - Research Data Analyst

For my master's thesis, I used data analysis techniques to examine the services being provided by family physicians in Ontario using a physician billing database to improve health human resource planning.

During this research, I learned how to ask the right questions to include all the research requirements to solve the problem. I also managed a dataset of 90 million records with complete data integrity. Furthermore, I analyzed the dataset by developing several machine learning models to predict and better understand the variables. Finally, I grasped the skill of sharing my analysis using beautiful and easy-to-read visualizations.

This was my passion project! It aligned with my life-long goal of helping people, and here is where I first fell in love with data.

Here are some of the publications from this research:

Communica - ML Developer

Communica, a stakeholder-engagement consulting firm based in Calgary, Alberta, works towards connecting, engaging, and collaborating with clients and their stakeholders in a real, pragmatic and thoughtful manner. In other words, they have a lot of communication data, from emails to phone records which need to be analyzed.

That's where I come in! In my contract position, I helped Communica automate text-analyzing processes by preparing an end-to-end NLP solution for text extraction, text summarization, and text proof-reading using a scalable ETL pipeline with Microsoft Azure services. I also developed and implemented scalable python applications for text retrieval and indexing that reduced email review time by 200x.

Most importantly, during my time here, I learned how to share results in stakeholder meetings, where the audience was from technical and non-technical backgrounds. I think this is a critical skill for a data analyst. I'm grateful to have had that experience during my time in this role.